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TA's Friend: Grading Software for TA's

An application specifically designed to help college TAs spend more time teaching and less time grading.

TA's Friend is a simple application for keeping track of student test grades and homework that takes the place of a typical grades spreadsheet. We designed TA's Friend specifically to make the job of being TA easier, TA's Friend replaces the typical teacher assistant's Gradebook. Try it today for free.

TA's Friend was developed using Mac's native programing language Cocoa. With TA's Friend you can have multiple documents each of which can be used to manage the grades for a class. With each document you get a main view that shows the students names, final (averaged) grade and the scores for each assignment.

How To Use

Add Students
To quickly add students click on the student toolbar item, and enter the new student's name. Student names can be either full format ie: Lance Morquecho or last name first ie: Morquecho, Fred. A list of students can be added by going to the file menu and selecting 'Import Students'.

Add Assignments
To add assignments, click on the 'Assignment' toolbar item and enter the assignment name. Optionally you can also add the value of a perfect score or the weight of the assignment. These settings can be changed later by selecting the assignment and pressing the 'Info' toolbar item.

Grade Assignments
One of the most powerful features of TA's Friend is the ability to grade assignments quickly. To enter grades for an assignment, click on the 'Grade' toolbar item. In the Name field, start typing a name, when the desired name appears, press tab, enter the grade and press enter. If the 'alphabetized' check box is checked, the next student name automatically appears in the name field.

TA's Friend documents can be saved in a native .TAsF format or as a .csv file which can be used with your favorite spreadsheet program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are the final grades calculated?
A: Final Grade = Sum(Assignment_Weight*Grade/Perfect_Score)/Sum(Assignment_Weight)

Q: I didn't or couldn't upgrade to Snow Leopard. Can I Still use TA's Friend?
A: Yes, a OSX 10.5 Version of the Software is available here It's got a couple non-critical bugs, but nothing you will really notice.